You are your own guide




What is holding you back?

What would it take for you to just ‘go for it’?

Name 5 things that you are grateful for in your life today… breathe deeply and feel the sense of love and gratitude you have for those people or things

Now see in your mind one thing you have always wanted but for some reason have never attempted or allowed yourself to go forward towards…

is it the area of Love?

are you longing to escape a depressing job that leaves you feeling lifeless?

do you feel a burning desire to travel, to explore, to go on more adventures?


I have been asking myself these questions too and had to laugh when I realised how I have walked over hot coals and broken glass, broken arrows at my throat, walked the high wire, went down the zip slide, into a gorge, into a kayak on my own as I slid off a bank into the lake and much more in the quest for adventure and breaking through my own barriers of ‘fear’ yet the thought of travelling anywhere on my own filled me with dread.


I sat with these feelings and why I felt so scared. I don’t mind flying, I talk to new people every day in my line of work and that’s okay, I love going away on holidays just haven’t had the abundance to do so that often so far in my life.  I know that once I travel more I will be hooked, I can sense it.

These feelings were ‘inner child’ stuff that I have had to sit and work through and also related to experiences as a Sales Rep years ago getting lost and not having a mobile phone back then to find out where to go and subsequently letting a client down.  I have broken down in my car/s over the years and have been left alone at the side of the road in the dark for hours waiting to be rescued. I worked my way through a list of triggers and blocks and you know what I realised… I got through them all, I am still here, I survived everything life has thrown at me so far and I will continue to do so.


So long story short… the flights are booked and I will be flying on my own


but we all know we are never alone really are we!


What are you willing to do that you never have before?







Healing the collective grief



Let me just say I am no expert in world affairs, politics, economics and the like yet I read and I research to inform myself of what is going on in the world. The media will give us their side of the story and my intuitive senses often give me another.  I don’t know all the answers yet I and many others know that war is not the answer. Keeping the vicious cycle of ‘an eye for an eye’ has never worked effectively in the past it seems or would we be still be in this position?  There is so much that could be said on the current state of affairs and all I wish to add just now is that awareness is the key… look beyond what is being reported in mainstream media?

Does your heart really tell you that bombing is the answer?

Could you send your child to war knowing that they may have to kill another human being?   I couldn’t and I know that there is a peaceful way… for now I will start with myself and the immediate impact I can have on my world. Looking within myself to ensure I have no hatred, unforgiveness, separation and anger. I heal myself as I am part of the world and as we all heal the ripple effect is miraculous. Fear is a lack of love so regardless of your belief system and current thoughts can you find it within you today to keep an open heart?

I repeat again, I truly don’t know THE answer but I know LOVE is the way… the details will unfold as we focus on PEACE.


We will all be affected by the collective grief and it is imperative that we step back into our power, stay grounded, stay strong on all levels and remember the eternal truth of our Souls. We are divine. We are LOVE.

You are your own creation


think create

For years I have been aware of ‘The Law of Attraction’ one of the operating laws of the Universe which is all part of this beautiful cosmic creation. I knew the theory in theory!

I read the books, I visualised, I recited, I wrote, I cut out pictures and I carefully glued them to pieces of cardboard and methodically placed it in the perfect place in my home with my intention to ‘make it happen’. The boards came and went, the words were said and the dreams were fading in places… both in actuality as the sunlight faded the images and in my mind and heart as the images of ‘wedding’ ‘baby’ ‘millions’ and more stared back at me daily. The sparkling energy that was within me when I created them fizzled out and the images began to bring up feelings of lack of what was missing.  I knew then I was missing the point, I was not really getting this in the way I should be. My expectations were too rigid, my fantasies were too floaty (up there in the ethers with no action being taken in many ways) it was time for a re-set, a look within and time to explore what really worked for me. Further insights and searching from around myself in the world and through quiet contemplation and reflection deep within myself. What was the golden ticket? It was not to be found in a chocolate bar although I am partial to a Fry’s Chocolate Cream (oh yes!) The elusive golden ticket to happiness was there and of course I had known it all along, I just hadn’t FELT it.  I had fleeting moments of feeling it, the temporary high that filled my cells with a love-burst like the suns rays then disappeared behind a cloud again the next day (or the day after). Love makes the world go round they say.. yes seems like there is a truth in that after all. I realised where I still have a nervousness around love… big squishy romantic heart-felt souls wrapping around each other kind of love. The love I seek but would run away from, The love that I saw in the movies and it made me expect too much from another ‘perfectly imperfect’ human being. The love train has arrived and so far it is just me on it. I am in First Class and I am at the station excitedly waiting to take off on a magical journey.  They haven’t told me where I am going yet; all I got was the memo saying “Just bring an open heart.  The rest will be revealed soon”

I sit here with my suitcase at my feet and I feel my heart glow with joy; my cells are celebrating. Let the journey begin

The price of beauty

The price of beauty

Our world around us is often focused on our external appearance, the quest for perfection and attracting approval and attention from others. I too spent many years lured into this false projection of the truth or rather the non-truth as I now see it. I was a relatively shy child who loved to read but who experienced several forms of abuse in the home growing up. I was ‘scarred’ on many levels and it was not until later in my life that the deep ugly scars of hurt itched to be healed.  The unexpressed anger and resentment and a complete inability to let love in.  The wounded inner child in me did not feel totally safe to let those around her close to her as it was those around her that she had expectations of that only seemed to let her down.  The child inside has little or no memories of large parts of her childhood and to be honest significant parts of her life.  The young adult who drank alcohol, smoked cigarettes and carefully managed to survive in the world.  She succeeded in holding the facade of thriving, of having fun and to some extent she did have fun. There were many happy times and many magical moments along the way with a subconscious programming that lurked in the background just waiting to sabotage it when it got too good.

*** I have so much I could share about my current life journey and how I got to this place now of self-nurturing and acceptance. I will be sharing and writing more simply to help others who have suffered abuse, low self-esteem and self-sabotaging patterns. It has felt like such a long terrifying journey at times intertwined with precious beautiful moments that have made my heart melt and my soul sing.  I battled with low self-confidence and watched as I had my ‘low’ moments and people would barely notice me, I felt tired and drained and well-meaning people pointed it out bluntly to me, the judgement of myself was projected back right in my face and in my heart for me to acknowledge.  The years have shown me who I am on the inside and how regardless if I am wearing my specs and my hoodie with no make-up on and people walk past me in the street (it happens) to when I am dressed up looking pretty and suddenly attract adoration and compliments (of which I am grateful of course) I am still me.  I had to learn to detach from other people’s opinions and projections, the past patterns and dive into the truth of who I really am.  This is a beautiful journey of exploration of which I am breathing love into every cell of my Being and thanking it for keeping me here on Earth in those moments I wanted to go home.  I am ready to fully accept my Divine life mission and all the amazing soul-enhancing magical moments ahead.

Love is all we need

Love is all we need

Love love love… I knew the word but did I know the feeling?

Did I feel love within me and around me?

Love has shown me who he/she/it is…. love is love.

Love is an energy, a force, a feeling…

Love fills my body as I breathe her in,

Love surrounds me as I feel his touch,

Love ensures I feel it.


Dawn xx

Free Yourself

Free Yourself

A journey of self-love is not always an easy journey.  It is like mixing up the perfect cocktail… time for myself to stay centred and balanced, time to spend with my family and friends mixed with time to serve others in the best way I can. The combination has changed over time and some flavours have had a sweeter taste in my life. I have always struggled with ‘overwhelm’ and although my mind and my heart may feel that I ‘want’ to do so many things and be there for others this is not possible as my body soon starts to whisper to me to ‘slow down’.  When I fail to hear these gentle whisperings the roar begins… the inner lion that needs to be heard and acknowledged. These last few months I have been streamlining my life a little more and this is still a ‘work in progress’ as am I.  Through this process I have been revealing more of my authentic self; allowing myself to be fully me with clients (those who love me will love me, the others are meant for someone else!) and letting any false beliefs and patterns fall at my feet. I have had to acknowledge them but not allow myself to become consumed by them. Every part of me needed to be seen by me.

I had spent years doing what I can for others and yes beneath that there was a need for acceptance, for love and for belonging as I was healing old childhood wounds.  I have always loved what I do every day and the blessed path that I have been led along but my most authentic self had slipped somewhat in the quest to ‘people please’.  The inner child could not handle being rejected or unloved. When I nurtured myself more I would feel these pangs of ‘guilt’ creep up into my awareness that I had said ‘no’ to someone or something else to honour what was right for me; was this being selfish? It has taken me the route of ‘trial and error’ in many ways (although nothing is ever really wrong with us).  Recently this guilt and often anger at myself (and yes some others I guess) had shown up in the form of my body and system ‘going haywire’.  My personal relationships were suffering and I have had to take several steps back to de-construct this ‘lego’ of my false reality and re-build it again.  I have had moments of feeling strong and powerful and I have had many moments of feeling broken and vulnerable. This has been a beautiful healing journey for me as I allowed myself to feel every feeling fully, to laugh, to cry and to question. I have discovered so much more not only about myself but about others. I have learnt to open my heart up more, to trust, to take a step forward each day without knowing the destination.

I am forging stronger relationships with those who mean the world to me including myself. I am loving and accepting myself for always doing my best with the awareness I have had at every moment. I sense that my life is taking a new route and I will be pulled to follow my heart at every moment. A new richness of being is being ushered in and I am finally allowing myself to truly believe that I am worthy of all these magnificent things.

Yes I am a spiritual being but I am here in this human body living a life as we all are and the more we honour and nurture ourselves the more we can come together to co-create the peaceful planet we so desire.

I urge you all to take a few minutes out of your day today (and every day) to bring your awareness to your breathe, place your hand on your heart and say ‘I love you’.

May your journey lead you to the perfect path just for you and as you take the steps along your path may the Universe support you in every way. xx