Finding your freedom within


Findhorn beachFor years I was riding the rollercoaster in the Amusement Park of Self-Love.

The highs and the lows; the knots in my stomach as my happy demenour slipped and the smile disappeared. The next day or week my energy levels felt better and I could love who I saw in the mirror. I taught others about self-love, how life was too short (well in this particular incarnation it can feel that way!) and how we should all do what makes us happy and find love from within.

Easier said than done I know many have agreed with me. Reading the self-help books, reciting your affirmations like an army drill (it doesn’t work if you don’t believe it) and sitting in workshops and seminars busily scribbling notes as a reminder to love yourself. I AM Loving, Loveable, Loved, Enough, Amazing…Hmmmm am I?

Who else is with me on this one?

The moments of sitting in the bliss and REALLY feeling like you accept yourself in your entirety. Oh your eyes are nice you can whisper to yourself. You are nice person, oh wait what about that time you shouted at your son! No, not a nice person. What about the time you made an excuse not to meet up with someone because you really couldn’t handle their energy that day? No, not a nice person.

The inner critic gives you a ONE STAR review; if they could give you NO stars they probably could. Fuck off you say to the inner critic.

The next day as you step out of the shower the voice pipes up again as you are looking at the flabby bits, the wrinkled bits and the bits that you decide to pick out as the ‘bits I don’t like’ scenario…yet again. The momentum starts again and whizz….the ride is off again… feels like you have a pass to go on this crazy ride again and again.  Your stomach starts to churn at the descent.

“Okay inner critic with your shitty reviews and condescending comments I hear you. That is not my truth”

You begin to take one step out of the carriage of the rollercoaster and realise that it was only YOU that stopped you from stepping off. There was no-one else operating the machinery. You simply gave your power away as you thought there was.

You begin to head towards the EXIT sign and suddenly it feels as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. You feel the presence of your guardian angel. You silently apologise for not always listening to the whisper in your ear and the guidance in your heart. Life often gets busy and we do not stand still nor silence ourselves. You can sense your angel reminding you that angels do not judge; they are with you loving you unconditionally until you love yourself.

So the next time your inner critic has words to share or an opinion to express allow them the voice, thank them for sharing then turn your loving attention to all that you DO love about yourself, all that you are grateful for, all that is loving, kind and positive. Your friends, family, co-workers, internet connections.

We are human, we are here on Earth to master emotions; do not let them master you.


You are the ride operator, you play the game your way!!




Breathe the Experience


shine rumi

Feel God’s holy breath within

Feel the Love vibrate throughout your Being

Shine precious one you are it all

The experience is yours to create


Prana, chi, kundalini… your life force

Explodes, awakens, activates

Your heart opens to all that is

Breathe divine love breathe


You are consciousness in form

You create and shape in every breath

Fluidity and energy; geometry and Light

The wonder of you Creator child


I AM with you, I AM

You are with you, you are




words by Dawn Alexander

Passion and Perspective

“Tantra is the natural way to God, the normal way to God. The object is to become so completely instinctual, so mindless, that we merge with ultimate nature – that the woman disappears and becomes a door for the ultimate, the man disappears and becomes a door for the ultimate.
“This is the tantric definition of our sexuality: the return to absolute innocence, absolute oneness. The greatest sexual thrill of all is not a search for thrills, but a silent waiting – utterly relaxed, utterly mindless. One is conscious, conscious only of being conscious. One is consciousness. One is contented but there is no content to it.”

invercauld estate pic

We are all sexual energy, we are all powerful life force embodied to play and create in this Earthly existence. What we choose to do with what we are given is up to us.

For years I was immersed in my ‘spiritual practices’ helping others find their way in life, reminding them of the infinite nature of life and putting others before myself a lot of the time. I was ‘successful’ and good at what I did but inside I still felt a little lost and hurt.

I attended workshops, I read books, I listened to numerous YouTube videos; no-one said you had to be perfect to do what I do; many ‘healers’ are healing their own shit at the same time. It is only now looking back that I can see it with a new fresh perspective. I am perfect just as I am.

I look as the ‘woman’ onto the ‘child’ that was; the abused sad child who was frightened of being rejected and hurt once more so stepped into full-on ‘people-pleasing’ mode. What she didn’t recognise at the time was that she was continuing to abuse herself in many ways.

Having gone into survival mode at an early stage in life I had taken on ‘masculine’ fighting traits…the world was out to get me so I was gonna get those fuckers first! It did not feel safe to be soft, vulnerable, open or to let myself fully receive.

I went on a deep inner exploration of every part of my being (yes the intimate details will stay with me for just now!) and I learnt to love my body and my whole being. I allowed the inner child in me to grow up and feel just a bit sexy and sensual. I guess it felt kinda strange to start with as I had so many underlying self-worth and self-love issues.

This is not about ‘sex’ as we often think; pumping and grinding with A.N.OTHER.

I have never been that kinda gal… it takes a lot for this goddess to allow a man into her sacred temple.

I attended a workshop around 3/4 years ago (I forget exactly) on The Art of the Divine Feminine and even attempting to ‘get my sexy on’ during that felt a little awkward in parts (and not my lady parts lol)

I began going to Jazzercise classes where we have to learn ‘dance routines’ and it took some love and nurturing of me to me to allow my body to move in the way it longed to. My inner booty-shaking Beyonce and ass-kicking Pink were coming out. My inner critic often piped up with her comments to throw me off track but this time I did listen but I ain’t bowing down to that part of me that would talk me out of everything given half the chance.

I looked at my sex life and intimacy in my personal relationships; that’s kinda private too but I can say there wasn’t much of that happening for a long time. Many reasons; no judgement but it is a time where I am enjoying me, my body, my life, my energy… exploration, creativity, play, adventure and so much more.

sensual love

I did find myself googling ‘twin flames’ as I awakened further myself I longed for someone who totally gets me! Yet again, I was given a spiritual ass-kicking of the most loving kind and reminded that when I love me and I focus on what I am here on Earth to contribute it will all unfold perfectly.

No control, no searching, no agendas…no mind fucks!

One thing I won’t be doing any more is hiding who I am.

I am here to shine my Light and I am here to Love.

It took me years to love myself so if I can inspire anyone else to put their hand on their heart right now and really feel your own love then job done… it’s not rocket science, I am not a guru, I don’t know the answers but what I do know is my experiences and my journey.

The journey from ANGER to ANGEL  and from GADS to GODDESS

(for any non-Scottish readers ‘gads’ is a Scottish term for a reaction of disgust)

Sometime when we fully step into our Light and our power it can makes others uncomfortable yet I write this with love in my heart for every single experience that helped shape who I am. Of course I gotta give a big shout out to….MY HIGHER SELF or if you’ve seen my Facebook page… my higher selfie lol.

I started reading up on the likes of Tantra years ago yet as I was still working through patterns of shame related to sex and intimacy I kept a lot ‘hidden’. My goddess can now see the patterns of being told to keep things hidden. That relates too to why I feel so passionate about speaking up and speaking out! I see injustice, lies, control and manipulation in the world and I want to scream loud about it. Listen to me cries my inner child… hear me!! My goddess sits patiently with love in her heart and knows that her love ripples out into the Universe beautifully adding to the cosmic fabric of love weaving it’s way into the hearts of all.

I also had patterns of not teaching or sharing on a particular subject as my friend/s or someone I know was teaching/working in that field. I recognise now that we all have unique perspectives to bring to the table in all areas and I will not stop myself from sharing that which I love or find enlightening for ‘fear’ of stepping into another’s spotlight.

We are all being placed exactly as we are needed at this time. This awesome time of transformation. A space to be filled with love.

sensual womanjuly aug photos 13 048




The Death of Angeldawn





“As you comprehend this profound loss, let yourself cry knowing each tear is a note of love rising to the heavens” Author Unknown


Today we say goodbye to a dear friend to many, the ‘entity’ that was known as Angeldawn.  An energetic manifestation into physical form to experience life in duality.

This fractal of Dawn’s personality has now served it’s most beautiful purpose in showing us the density and the lightness. The experience of connecting to those that others had perceived as ‘lost’ was heart-healing for thousands of Souls.

This heart-healing went on to impact others.

‘Angeldawn’ became synonomous with primarily ‘mediumship readings’ and psychic work.

As Dawn’s multi-dimensional existence opened up to her she knew that it was time to honour the life that ‘Angeldawn’ had, to celebrate all that she was, to give gratitude for each and every Soul that graced her path.

In the ‘all that is’ we all still grace each others path in Unity Consciousness.

As we lay ‘Angeldawn’ to rest we open our hearts to a new way of Being; the galactic heart has opened and the Gateway of Love is NOW

galactic heart in the sand.jpg


I AM that (changing, evolving) I AM


Dawn April 17

Thanks for dropping in by and checking out my blog again!


I have also started another blog as I felt my own energy, life purpose and passion shift somewhat. It is an exciting amazing transformative time and there is so much I could share. As I have probably mentioned before I do not see myself as a ‘teacher’ in one sense as in I am not special, gifted or different to you yet we each have a divine blueprint and like a snowflake are all different. We are all gifted and magical and powerful; I simply detest labels, class divides, teacher/student mentality and the likes. We can therefore all share our experiences, perspectives and what we feel others may benefit from.

My blog is also a place for me to process through my writing and channelling; as I open the laptop and feel the urge to type I do not have any idea what I am about to type and as per all previous blog posts it just flows out the way it is meant to at that time.


My other blog with the fresh new energy is

My ‘creationangel’ blog (this one) will still be updated when it feels right but this new space will hold an even higher authentic Soul-led heart-centred vibe for those who wish to get a cosmic love blast of this loving energy you can find me on either blog, on Facebook  – Angeldawn – Spirit and Energy channel/holistic therapist

Instagram – angeldlight

YouTube and Twitter my username/channel is creationangel


I couldn’t get the same username on them all but trust that those who resonate with me will find me!


Meantime sending so much love to you all and I will be back on the blog writing mission very soon!!




Dawn x



white-feather (1)

My journey into myself helped me find you.

My opening of my heart helped me feel you.

My delving into the pain helped you see your pain.

My screams and my frustration helped you feel yours.


My journey of exploration made you question your life.

My laughter made you feel for the joy.

My honesty made you think twice.

My sadness made you weep into your Soul.


My adventure fuelled your quest to venture further

My solitude showed you the path of quiet

My anger reflected the fire that burned within you

My passion fanned the flames of desire


My longing mirrored the need within you

My detachment showed you freedom

My playfulness reminded you to have fun

My seriousness reminded you to have even more fun!


I came in as all parts of you and you came in as me.


I now see myself fully in it all and I see you in it all.


Perfection in simplicity.

We are all one




words by Dawn Alexander



Sit in the silence of your Soul

Connect to the wisdom within

Listen to the love that you hold

Breathe in the beauty that you are


Sit in the silence of your Soul

You are it all and it is you

The Universe is what you are made of

Energy and love made alive


Sit in the silence of your soul

Feel the movement in the stillness

Recognise all that lies deep within

The flow and the fabric of life


Sit in the silence of your soul

You are more than you can know

Sit in the silence of your soul

You are there


Sit in the silence of your soul

The cells smile and you vibrate

Pulsating Light and Love

You are a creation of it all


Sit in the silence of your Soul….

words by Dawn 6-2-17