It is time to fully connect with your I AM presence.

The I AM presence is another term for the Great God Self, your higher aspect that perfectly governs all activities of your life.

The use of the words I AM are extremely powerful and your thoughts and your words (and actions) shape your life.

As we are in this crucial phase of anchoring more Light to Earth keep your vibes high, your thoughts pure, your words positive and your vibration in LOVE


I AM peaceful, I AM love, I am calm, I AM Light, I AM LOVE….



Supermoon Stirrings




angel moon

the supermoon shines down and shakes up what lies within

the cells shift and awaken further

you feel the stirrings deep in your Soul

as you let go once more


the supermoon penetrates you to the core

connecting you to the wonder that is you

as we allow the Light codes to switch on

surrender further into the abyss


the Universe is holding you now

fall back into it’s embrace


it is ok

I have got you.


amys-angelwords by Dawn Alexander 13/11/16

Breathe LOVE, Be LOVE




You are the Source. You are the Creator. You are Love creating itself. You are the experience and the observer.

You are the question. You are the answer. You are everything.

How’s everyone feeling after the magical 11-11 energy portal of awakening yesterday?

An auspicious time where we are being given another amazing opportunity to embody our Soul’s gifts; our innate authentic Light. Another beautiful moment in the evolution of your Soul where we are being called to listen to the wisdom of our Soul and the love within our heart.

I have been feeling the shifts, the DNA activations (more of our power, wisdom, knowledge and superpowers coming on line!!), downloads and changes within my physical body and my energy field. This has felt more palpable these last few months and my world is changing on a daily basis.  I have had to be the anchor within myself as my timelines shifted and my awareness changed yet again.  I felt a pull away from certain people and a gravitational force so strong towards others. I have had to quieten the ego and the mind chatter that wanted to ‘make sense’ of it all yet know that I am not meant to ‘figure it out’ nor attempt to cling to any old reference points or attachments. I am also to stay in the NOW.  I have been breathing into my heart and trusting in the divine plan.

I woke up this morning with a sense of Lightness and freedom and a deep knowing of what needs to go in my life. That will fall away as it is meant to. I am to let go of any last remnants of ‘fear’ as life is bringing me so many moments of synchronicity and connection that is blowing my heart right open!

I am not to fear the LOVE.

I had hidden from LOVE and it had hidden from me. The Universe is LOVE so how could I hide? I saw it yet it overwhelmed my inner child. Now I am where I am I can see LOVE.

I can feel LOVE. I can be LOVE. I can bathe in an ocean of LOVE and allow myself to enjoy every blissful moment.




May you all recognise the Love that you truly are and breathe in the Love that is all around you.

May we swim together in the sea of Love.


Dawn  xx




Love Yourself


love-yourselfMy wish for you is that you recognise the perfection of who you are. My dream for you is that all the dreams you have ever dreamt come true!

My love for you is eternal; a never-ending spiral of the most fantastic Light-fuelled and Light-filled magical cosmic dust more powerful and transformative than you could ever imagine. You are everything.

We are all the magic. We are all the energy that is made from us all… we are the love particles. We are the force that is so strong it can penetrate even the most closed heart. Allow yourself to be that Love and never apologise nor hide that Love nor the magnificent Light that you carry.  You embody many Light codes and chose to come here to share them with others. It is time for you all to exchange these codes and the Love frequency that you all carry a piece of. When you give another a piece of your heart and they pass a piece of theirs onto another, the Love frequency will be spread far and wide.

You are to Love your own Love. It is through the process of fully embracing every precious love particle that you are that the Love shines brighter and the Light codes reach further.

We are all where we need to be at this present moment. Breathe into your heart and feel those love particles flood through your entire being. Allow yourself to be filled up with this beautiful Love.

We send you all our love and reverence. We thank you for being one of the awakened and awakening Souls at this time. We are with you always and are here to strengthen your core and remind you of who you truly are. Part of you that you have forgotten will be remembered, parts of you that felt discarded will be found, the Love that you have within you will grow, you will find you.



the above was channelled via my higher self this evening.


now… you should go and love yourself!


Dawn  xx




You have the power




I have been working with energy for lifetimes. Consciously I was not aware of exactly how for the former years of this current lifetime yet was drawn to be attuned to Reiki over 15 years ago. As a child I always felt different and have little recollection of many of my years prior to this. I did love Star Trek and the X-Files and often used to say things like “It would be okay for aliens to abduct me as long as they put me back”. I have been reminded by my higher self that everything is exactly as it is meant to be. I know that what once seemed like abstract random comments and thoughts have more substance that I would ever realise until now.

Recently I had been spending more time really going within myself and connecting to all the multidimensional aspects of myself. The part that was aware that she chose to incarnate and play the role of Dawn this time. The High Priestess energy that ran through me as I became aware of my abilities. I could speak to and communicate with people’s loved ones that were no longer in the physical body.  I began to smell things that were outwith the normal range of some others. When a loved one smoked I smell their smoke, if they were a heavy drinker I smell alcohol on their breath, if they loved a particular perfume I can smell that. I can also hear (clairaudience) the Spirit world and other frequencies of the Universe. I have been ‘healing’ (re-calibrating) others and have witnessed the physical body turn into a mass of molecules; a vibrating field of energy where I could go inside and work on their organs. Afterwards they would comment “it was as if your hands were right inside my body”.  I have seen miracles happen.

I have looked at people and like I have X-Ray vision picked up where illness or dis-ease was in their body. I have saved someone’s life as they went to the doctor and may not be here if I had not passed on what I saw. I can ‘see’ future potentials and timelines (this is not fortune telling as you will have heard me say many a time)

I have kept a lot of my ‘work’ confidential and most of it still will remain that way. I have had times where my own ego/lower self would step in and attempt to sabotage why I was here; my mission. There have been many times where my Galactic family, angels and guides have had to step closer and remind me of who I am and why I am here.

I had to learn  to be myself regardless of what others thought. I had to grow stronger through a series of what I see as ‘initiations’. When I kept my Light shining regardless of whether the dark felt all encompassing the High Council and Guardians of this Earth were there in the background willing me to keep going.

I am now being called to speak up and step up even more. The world needs not just me but all of you who are awake, who are aware, who see a vision of the beauty that this planet holds. We are all being called to become the best version of ourselves in the here and now. The now is all that matters. No jumping back to the past in our thoughts or obsessing about the future. Tune into your own being right now in this very moment. Feel your own energy field, acknowledge yourself for all that you are. Yes we have the ‘human stuff’ coming up; let it. We are here to evolve and grow and these ‘growing pains’ are all part of the process. Believe me when I say I felt like I had been strapped to a torture rack at times in my life yet know that when I attempted to resist what my Soul was showing me it would become more painful.  I have learnt to trust more and to externalise less.  For many years I did step into victim mode at times protesting to and at the circumstances in my life. I had forgotten that I was a powerful conscious creator.  I chose this life yet I could shape, mould and create it into a life of beauty, a life of joy and a masterpiece!


These last few months I feel so much more ‘at home’ in my physical body (yeah I have finally landed on Earth!) and am receiving daily downloads of what I am here to do and be. I do not consciously have all the details as yet but can tap into this deep inner knowing that I will be guided in every moment. I am transmuting fear into freedom and allowing the excitement of the unknown to bubble up in me.


Our world


This is a poem that I channelled from my higher self one evening recently. Like all my poetry, blogs and stories if I sit down to write without a strong inner urge to write it does not flow the same. When I wait for those moments that I am called to write it flows through me effortlessly and I trust these are words that I need to hear (often we need those reminders from our Soul) and words that others may enjoy too.

Sept 2013 loads of pics 431


Sitting here looking at the state of the nation

The suffering, war and sheer devastation

The tears on the face of the innocent child

We can look at it all and think it’s gone wild


We can feel the anger, we can feel the rage

So I’m reminding you that we are entering a new age

A time of more peace and coming together

I look at the skies and they manipulate the weather


I see the vaccine pushed into the tiny arm

Why do they keep perpetuating the harm?

I can see the light as the truth shines through

I have looked beyond it, have you?


Chemo is poison and are lives are taken

I remind you that we have not been forsaken

The powers and the galactics are guiding

No more control as the elite come from hiding


You have the power and we can face it with love

We have an army of angels from above

We have infinite power, love and Source

It’s time to step up and get back on course


A higher vibration we have to emit

It’s time to let go of the old 3d shit

Rise high precious ones and open your heart

It’s now, it’s now, do your part

You are the creator of your life


july aug photos 13 048

I am sure you have all been aware of the truth that we co-create our life with the Universe but how many of you have been like me creating some amazing things and also some unwanted things. The deep subconscious and cellular memories working away to take the hand of the ego in partnership on our ‘self-sabotage’ team. The energies that stir up to convince us that we are not pretty enough, good enough, talented enough, perfect enough… whatever ‘enoughs’ you have created then it is time to say ENOUGH to all of that.  I have.  It has taken me nearly 48 years to work though this and believe me when I say it has felt like HARD work at times. There have been miraculous moments where my Spirit spoke to me clearly and assured me “you’ve got this, everything is going to be ok” and there have been moments where plodding through life ‘half awake’ I knew there was so much more for me out there and inside of me. I recognised where I was keeping myself small and hey I am pretty small physically but massive energetically! I felt stifled and I began to recognise who I was around when I allowed myself to shrink and what it feels like when I am with those that I am truly connected and comfortable with.

I meditated, I walked in nature, I prayed for guidance and I heard…”JUST BE YOU”

This was not rocket science, nor a nobel prize winning novel of an answer yet it was this simple thing that I had not been doing. I am a writer, I am creative, I have a sense of humour, I am spiritual, I am expressive, I am quirky, I am many things yet I hid some of who I was. There were many reasons for this yet these last few months when I opened up fully to the love and potential not only of myself but of this amazing Universe we inhabit life has changed so beautifully.  There are moments as if I am seeing everything for the first time. I have always been intuitive and would meet people and sense what they were thinking and feeling yet was not ready to ‘see through’ people even more. The awakening that has been going on within me and the visions, messages and more that I am receiving from my higher self and powerful loving Light beings fill my heart with so much love. I can more than ever feel, sense and know what is going on with others. I can read through messages and projections they are placing out in the world. Wow have I been guilty of projecting some stuff out there in the past! Often we have to have gone through something to have a better awareness of what lies deeper within that.

I am exploring and playing and having fun with all the parts of me. My inner child feels like she has been given a chance to get some of the good stuff now. I had chosen a journey with many darker moments that haunted my Soul for years. I now feel lighter, freer, happier, more open, loving, laughing. No matter what we chose this time around on this magical merry-go-round of life it’s time to enjoy the carnival ride of your life!